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Limited Edition Birchbark Gift Basket

 ~ Honouring our Women ~

CAD $325.00

*Free delivery within the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario.


Tea Horse, an Indigenous-owned tea and manoomin (wild rice) company has collaborated with Gail R. Bannon, an Anishinaabe Artist from Fort William First Nation, to curate a limited edition Honouring our Women Gift Basket. 

Each basket, a piece of cultural art, is based on the design of a traditional nooshkaachinaagan  (manoomin-winnowing basket) used for carrying manoomin from the canoe to drying mats, as well as for winnowing the grain from the chaff. Filled with an assortment of Tea Horse signature tea blends, manoomin, chocolate, and teaware, this distinctive gift supports Indigenous businesses, artists, and helps to celebrate and preserve the creativity, culture and history of Indigenous Peoples.   

A portion of the proceeds from this project will be donated to the Thunder Bay Full Moon Memory Walk, a memorial walk to honour and remember Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. 

The gift basket includes:

  • One-of-a-kind nooshkaachinaagan handcrafted by Anishinaabe Artist Gail R. Bannon
  • Porcelain Teapot with infusion basket (red)
  • Porcelain Teacup set of 2 (red)
  • Manoomin (natural wild rice) 225g
  • ManoominCha (Wild Rice Tea Blend) 50g
  • ManoominCha Dark Roast (Wild Rice Tea Blend) 50g 
  • Manoominaaboo (Wild Rice Tisane) 100g 
  • ManoominBark (artisan chocolate) 200g


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